As the volunteer community of Asgardia grows, so do the levels of organization increase. We currently have departments to handle several aspects community management.

  • Administration handles all aspects of organization and presentation of our volunteer civil area of Asgardia.
  • Centers¬†supports the National, Regional, District and City community centers of Asgardia by offering training and administrative assistance.
  • Research¬†serves provides both NGO Asgardia and Civic.Asgardia with guidance and advice in many fields such as human resources, law, science, and technology.
  • Projects works with members and centers to submit their project for endorsement by Officials and guides the project leader through design and implementation.
  • Events works with members and centers to create engaging community activities that bring the citizens of Asgardia together.
  • Social Media organizes volunteers who monitor Asgardia’s social resources, engaging members to contribute useful and stimulating content.
  • Communications coordinates the efforts of Asgardia’s member-managed media outlets such as Voices of Asgardia radio.
  • Volunteers manages the community volunteering area of Civic.Asgardia, helping to recruit, interview, train and document the many people who help Asgardia to grow.