Volunteering to help Asgardia grow is a challenging and dynamic job. You get to meet and become friends with hundreds of people from around the world who share the idea of a future based on protecting and educating everyone.

Volunteers work in each department to moderate forums, design documents, provide ad hoc legal advice, and more.

  • What we look for in volunteer candidates. We look for volunteers who can commit 1-2 hours a day for several months. Some volunteers give more time when special projects are needed, but most people help a bit every day.
  • What positions are available? We have volunteer positions to fit many levels of experience, skill, and time commitment. Our projects and departments can use the help of everyone from social media moderators and writers to lawyers and computer programmers. Current position openings will be posted in the Official Forums. [LINK]
  • How to apply. The application process is much like that for a paying job. We hope to treat you with respect and we ask the same in return. Express your interest via email to share your CV or a brief list of your interests and experience. You’ll get an intake interview with one of our volunteer specialists who will help you decide where to volunteer with Civic.Asgardia. Complete some screening and intake forms to help us place you, then you’ll get free training, access to staff resources, and behind-the-scene chats. There will be special recognition events for volunteers and even a letter of recommendation later, should you desire one to show employers that you contribute to an active global community.

Apply via email to volunteers at asgardia.space and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Position for which you apply
  • Timezone (GMT +/- x)
  • List any relevant experience.
  • Which languages can you read/write fluently
  • Attach a CV, in English, if available.