Welcome to our new volunteers! Thank you for giving your time and skills to help Asgardia grow.

Orientation Training involves self-paced learning as you study material and sign up for services. It will be followed by training sessions where you interact with others to discuss any questions.

The steps to your orientation are:

  1. Study the Orientation Packet (below). You may download the PDFs for your offline records.
  2. Register for the appropriate services (Discord chat, Facebook, etc).
  3. EmailĀ our Volunteers address to …
    • Ask for an invitation code for the Discord chat server.
    • Provide your Facebook username and the email used when you registered for Asgardia.
    • Ask to schedule an orientation meeting with a trainer to review the material.

During your Orientation with Asgardia, you will be contacted by a member of our Social Media department to receive training on basic moderation skills needed to work with our social platforms. Not every volunteer position is expected to be an active moderator, but everyone must be familiar with our social media outlets.


If this material does not display properly, then click the pdf link above the image.

Welcome to Asgardia

ORIENT Welcome to Asgardia.pdf

Welcome to Civic.Asgardia

ORIENT Welome to Civic.Asgardia.pdf

Important Resources

ORIENT Important Resources.pdf

Code of Conduct

ORIENT Code of Conduct (April 2017).pdf

How to MentorĀ 

ORIENT How to Mentor.pdf

How to Use our Chat Server

ORIENT Use the Discord Chat Server.pdf